How do we give some students additional passes?

In order to manage instances where individuals or groups of students may require additional passes, the CSV file upload option will enable the ability to provide additional passes to some, while maintaining a pass limit for the majority of students.

Step 1 - If a pass limit for the building has been previously set, it should be deleted. 

Step 2 - Create a CSV file with all students, minus those you need to give the option of more passes to.  (There is a sample file that you can download once you select “CSV student list” from the drop down menu on the Limit Student Pass screen.)


The file header must match exactly (see example below).

Helpful tip:  If you have a large number of students to place on the list, you can easily do this by going to User Management > Main Users screen.  In the “Role” column, type the word “student” and then select “Download CSV”.  Once that file is created, you can modify it by removing all of the unnecessary columns.  Remember you will need only the email column for the “Limit Student Pass” CSV upload.  On this file, you will also need to remove any students that require increased pass limits.  

Step 3 - On the Student Pass Limit screen, click the blue “UPLOAD CSV”, select the file, and then complete the rest of the fields.  This will apply limits to all students that are listed on your CSV file. 

For the students that may need unlimited passes, you can either choose to not set any limit or to add a higher number of passes for them..  If you have a large number of students requiring additional passes, you can utilize the CSV student list option for them as well.

Once the students are loaded individually, their settings can be changed at any time using the “Edit” button to the right of their name.

Important reminder:  If you have a new student added to your school, you will need to add them with the appropriate pass limit.  You can modify your existing CSV file with the names of new students if you have a large number joining your school.  If a pass limit is set for a specific date range (ex. Joe Smith needs unlimited passes for 10 days), you will need to reset the pass limit and dates at the end of the specified time for that student.

Please go to Training > Documents > Admin Pass Training Document Index > Administrator Guide for more information on the “Limit Student Pass” feature.

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