How to give other users access to Securly UI?


Issue: You want to give additional admins access to the Securly Web Filter UI

Environment: All Customers

Cause: By default any GAfE domain super admin will have access to the Securly admin tool, however you may want to provide access to a user who you do not want to make a "Super Admin". 

Solution:  You can follow the steps below to provide the appropriate permissions in Google Apps which will allow a unprivileged user to use the Securly dashboard.

Specify the API-read privilege

  1. Login to your Google Apps Admin dashboard at
  2. Login with super admin account 
  3. Select Admin Roles 
  4. Create a New Role 
  5. Provide a name such as “Import-only Privilege Role”
  6. On the next screen, scroll down to Admin API Privileges and select “Read” for the following containers: OU and Users.
  7. Save changes 
  8. Now return to the Google Apps Start Page (top level) 
  9. Click on Users 
  10. Pick (or create) an otherwise unprivileged test user 
  11. Click on Show More
  12. Click on Admin roles and privileges 
  13. Click on Manage roles on the next screen and pick the role you created above.
  14. Select Update Roles 

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