Is there a way to remove active students who don't participate in our flex period from the Flex system?

It is possible to “exclude” students from participating in your Flex period(s). The system allows Excluded students to register for an activity if the situation arises.  

Here are some of the common reasons that you might add students to the “Excluded Student” list:

  • Homebound Students
  • Early Dismissal Students
  • Vo-Tech and Travel Students
  • Students in a self-contained classroom

There are two ways to exclude students in Flex:

  1. From the Reports menu > Excluded Students 
  2. From the Reports menu > Cut List 

Steps to add students to the “Excluded Students” list in Flex:

  1. From the “Excluded Students” menu, click “Exclude Students”.

  1. At the window shown below, search for the student(s), select the appropriate Flex period(s), enter the date range, and enter a reason.  Then click “Confirm”.  (Students must be manually selected.  At this time, it is not possible to upload a file to excluded students.)

  1. The student(s) will be added to the master list as shown below. From this screen, you can search for students in the list. You can also edit or delete an exclusion using the options in the “Actions” column.  Note: If you want to end an exclusion but keep a record of the exclusion in this list, use the “Edit” option and change the “End Date”, rather than the “Delete” (trash can) option.

  1. To exclude a student (or multiple students at the same time) from the Cut List, click the checkbox to the left of the student’s name and then click the “Bulk Actions” button. This will open the “Exclude Students” window shown in #2 above.


Below are a few important things to understand about Excluded Students:

  • They will not show up on the Cut List report.
  • They will be listed on the Full Attendance report with a “Manually Excluded” designation.  (There is also a separate “Excluded” tab that shows all excluded students for that particular day.)  
  • Excluded students CAN register for activities and be added by teachers to activities.  They are not “expected” to attend, therefore they will show up in the “Missing Student” section of the teacher’s attendance.  This lets the teacher know that the student “was manually excluded” and by which Admin in the system.  (See screenshot below.)
  • Note:  Attendance cannot be taken or submitted for Excluded students.

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