Can an admin set up a rule that two students cannot be in an activity together?

Yes, it is possible to prevent two students from signing up for the same choice activity during a flex period.  This feature in Flex is called “Contact Control”.  This might be used in bullying situations, to hinder a romantic relationship pair from meeting up during flex time, or to aid in keeping students apart who have a no-contact contract.  

Currently, this feature only blocks pairs of students from registering for Open, Advertised, and Optional activities (ie. choice activities).  It does not block them from being added to mandatory activities by a teacher.  

In order to set up a Contact Control pairing, navigate from the main menu and select Settings > Students > Contact Control.  Click “New Contact Control” and fill out the window that appears and is shown below.

When the “second student”, in a Contact Control pair, attempts to register for the same choice activity as the “first student”, the second student will receive the red message shown below.  The message states that “You cannot register for this activity due to Contact Control”

  Please reference the Flex Admin Guide > “Contact Control” section for additional details.

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