How do I update my CAP (Controlled Access Period) server file(s)?

You can update your CAP (Controlled Access Period) file by simply updating the original file and reloading it in the system under My School Settings > File Upload (or replace it on the SFTP server).  Remember, this file is linked to a "Group" that is being used in the CAP Flex period settings.  

As a reminder, your Controlled Access Period (CAP) server file should be formatted like this:

Instead of emails, the system can process student ID numbers - just be sure to keep the header as studentemailYou should update the CAP server file(s) whenever you get a new student.  (It is not critical to remove unenrolled students from the file.)

There are two ways the file(s) can be updated in Flex:

1.  Manually Updating the CAP File (by Admins)

Update your master file and go to My School Settings > File Upload and upload the updated file.  It is helpful to keep the same name and simply replace the file, otherwise, you have to edit your flex period and point Flex to the new file name.  

2.  Setting up an automated file update (by district IT)

District IT may be able to write a script to place updated CAP/group files on the SFTP server on a regular schedule.  We can provide you with login credentials after allowlisting your IP address.  Again, the same file name should be used for the updated CAP file.  Reach out to the Help Desk for assistance with obtaining SFTP credentials if you don’t already have them.

Extra Tip:

One way to check your numbers is to go to the Full Attendance report and look at each flex period.  The number listed in ALL should equal the number of students in that Controlled Access Period (CAP). 

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