How can admins assign students to teachers’ activities?

The only way for an admin to assign students to an activity for another teacher is to simulate a teacher and add a student to that teacher’s activity. 

Click the Simulate button.

You will see a Search field in the upper center of the screen.  Type in a teacher’s name and click it.

Now that you are simulating a teacher, you can act on that teacher’s behalf.  There are two ways to add a student or students to a teacher's activity.  The method you select will depend on whether your cutoff time has passed and/or the priority level of the activity.  See more details below. 

Option 1 - Adding Student(s) to "Additional Students" Section

Find the activity on the teacher’s schedule and do the following if it is BEFORE the cutoff time.  

Click the three horizontal dots and click Edit activity

Scroll down to add Additional Students.  (Adding students here will push the activity out to the student's calendar and the priority level will be the same as the teacher's original activity priority level.) 

Search for a student and click the name.  Click the Save activity button when you are finished.


Option 2 - Plus Adding the Student(s)

The other way to add a student is to Plus Add them to a teacher’s activity.  You can do this before OR after the cutoff time.  Below are instructions for plus adding a student.

Plus Adding a Student

From the teacher’s scheduled activity, you can “Plus Add” a student (or students) by using the + button shown below.  This can be done with any priority level activity but it shows as a “Plus Add” priority level on the student calendar.  

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