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The My Classes page is the first you will see after logging into Dyknow, and is unique for each Dyknow user. It serves as a dashboard, enabling teachers to easily:




Most Dyknow classes are created for teachers automatically, via direct integration with their school's Student Information System (SIS) or other data import method, during the account setup process. But Dyknow classes can also be created manually for classes that do not exist in the school's SIS - like study hall, in-school suspension, and after-school programs.


Dyknow Administrators can manually create a class in Dyknow for any school within their district; Dyknow Tech Coaches can manually create a class in Dyknow for any school(s) to which they’re assigned; and Dyknow Teachers can manually create their own, self-assigned classes.

Class tiles on the My Classes page are displayed:

  • Alphanumerically by period; then,
  • Alphabetically by class name (if no class period).
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