How do I define the availability of my contacts in On-Call?

When you add a new contact to On-Call, you can define a schedule for when this person should be contacted. This can be defined by category, risk assessment, and by time/day of the week.

From the Org. units coverage tab in the On-Call menu, you can see a visualization of the coverage you have for each OU. Green means that OU is fully covered (a contact is defined for all alert categories and risk assessment levels) for that period. Orange means that OU has partial coverage (one or more alert categories or risk assessment levels are not covered), and red indicates no coverage.


Note: If you would like the On-Call team to call law enforcement after hours, please ensure that you include the relevant local law enforcement agency as a contact. The On-Call team will only reach out to provided contacts, no matter the severity of the case.

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