How to create a customized policy?


With the Securly web filter, you can create customized policies for any of your OUs depending upon their specific requirements.

To create a customized policy

  1. Login to your Securly account
  2. Navigate to ‘Policy Editor’ and click ‘Create a Customized Policy’.


  1. A pop-up will be launched where you need to provide a policy name and click ‘Create Policy’. A new policy will be created.  


    Note: If you select the ‘Is this a Take Home Policy?’ checkbox, a take home policy would be created You can only have one take home policy at any given time.If a take home policy is already created it will not be an option on the create a customized policy screen. (Learn how to create a Take Home Policy.)

    Select ‘Is this a per IP Policy?’ only if your school has multiple IPs and you want to create the policy for a specific public IP. An IP based policy takes precedence over user based policies.

  2. The policy will be empty by default. Change the policy to fit the needs of this group of users. Ensure the policy settings are correct before assigning to an OU.customizedpolicy5.jpg

  3. A user can only have one policy assigned at a time, default or a custom policy.

    Note that Global settings, IP based policy, and Take Home Policy are not directly assigned to users or OUs.

    Once you create the policy with the settings you want, go ahead and assign OUs to it. To learn more about assigning OUs, click here

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