How do I create a take-home policy?

Securly Filter allows you to create distinct policies for the different types of users to accommodate the unique requirements of each OUs. You can also create a unique Take Home Policy for users to provide a different level of filtering off-site. The same filtering policy applies regardless of location if the Take Home Policy is absent. Remember, filtering will only apply to devices with a Securly filtered solution (DNS, PAC file, or Chrome extension). Additional configuration may be required for off-site filtering.

Create a take-home policy.

  1. Login to Securly Filter.
  2. Navigate to the 'Policy Editor' and click 'Custom Policy'. 
  3. Select the radio button for 'This is your Take-Home Policy'. 

Note that you can only have one take-home policy at any given time, and it will apply to all users unless you specify otherwise. You cannot assign OUs to the take-home policy. The option to create a take-home policy will be unavailable if one take-home policy already exists. 

Exclude users from the take-home policy

This option is available only if a take-home policy has been created. 

  1. Navigate to Policy Editor and select the policy whose users you want to disable the take-home policy.
  2. Enable the "Exclude from Take-home Policy" field.

Note that users excluded from the Take-Home Policy will have the same filtering policy on and off-site. This is the same functionality as if the Take Home Policy was not created. 

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