How to find a Youtube Channel URL

To allow or deny a YouTube Channel you will first need to find the full channel URL which is usually different than the shorter custom URL that’s often shared. 

For example:

User-friendly custom URL:
Full Channel URL including ID:

Both the URLs open the same page on YouTube and the full URL is always in the format -  /channel/<CHANNEL-ID>.

The custom URL can be modified by the channel owner but the Channel Id URL will always stay the same.

Deriving the full Channel URL from a custom URL 

You can find the channel id by going to the Share Channel option under Channel Details as in the video below.


There is a 3rd party website that can provide this information as well:

1. Visit

2. Copy and paste the custom URL into the address box. It will then provide you with the ID and link to full URL. Youtubechannelfindernew.jpg

3. You can then use this URL in your Securly Youtube Policy. youtubecontrols2.jpg


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