Securly Aware for Google - Self Onboarding

Step by Step

  1. To get started with your Securly Aware deployment, navigate to
  2. At the top right, click Login and choose Safety Console
  3. Using the app switcher at the top right, navigate to the Securly Aware dashboard.
  4. click Activities on the left menu and click Setup Aware.
  5. Click Next to begin the Google Drive configuration.
  6. Designate a recipient for Drive/Doc alerts.
  7. Enable the Google Drive SDK API using Google Admin Console.
  8. Add API scopes for Securly Aware to Google Admin console.
  9. Click Import OUs.  Sign in with a Google Super Admin.
  10. Select all of the OUs that you wish Securly Aware to scan.
  11. Click Configure Gmail.
  12. Designate a recipient for Gmail alerts.
  13. Add the Securly Aware host to Google Admin console.
  14. Add the Securly Aware route to Google Admin console.
  15. Enter a test student user to test the Aware configuration.
  16. Congratulations!  You have completed the Securly Aware configuration.


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