Installing Securly Classroom extension on non-Chrome OS devices

If Securly Classroom is working on Chromebooks but the extension is not pushing to Windows or Mac devices please verify the following.

1. Go to Google Admin, sign in via a super admin account, select Devices on the left-hand menu, and select Chrome > Settings > Users and Browsers.               


2. From your organization tree, select (at minimum) the OU that your student users are in. 

3. Then in the search or add filter section just below the 'User and Browser settings' tab, enter the following “chrome management”.  You’ll see Chrome management for signed-in users.          classroomextnew1.jpg

4. Click the edit button in the card that is below

5. Make sure it says 'Apply all user Policies when users sign into Chrome, and provide a managed Chrome experience'.  classroomextnew2.jpg

6. Then click save.

7. On your test device, sign out of Chrome, then sign back in to get a fresh session. You should now see the Securly Classroom extension on your non-Chrome OS device as long as sync is turned on.


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