Introduction to Reveal

Dyknow’s Reveal module (previously Device Impact Measurement) enables Administrators and Tech Coaches to identify wasted funds by measuring how school-issued devices and technology tools are actually used.

The Reveal module automatically collects student device usage data during school hours, as determined by your Blackout Settings, even when teachers are not monitoring! It organizes device, app, and website activity into a single dashboard and delivers essential metrics at a glance.

Administrators and Tech Coaches can use Reveal to:

  • Review student/device monitoring totals
  • Identify popular device activity
  • Spot trending websites and app
  • View hourly student screen time


To access the product offering:

1.  Log in to your Dyknow account. Administrators and Tech Coaches will be automatically directed to the Reveal dashboard.

2.  Note the changes to the header menu options.

  • Classroom Management enables you to navigate to all the existing Dyknow features with which you’re already familiar:
    • Classes
    • Blocking Plans
    • Question Bank
    • Class History
    • Student History
  • Reveal redirects you to Dyknow’s product offering. 

3.  Click Reveal.


4.  Review each section individually, using the guide below.




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