Enhanced Windows Support for Securly Classroom - Set Up Guide

With Enhanced Windows Support, teachers using Securly Classroom in schools with Windows student devices will now have the functionality to view the whole desktop, as well as remotely close Windows programs like they can with Chrome tabs. To do this, Classroom uses a helper app for the Chrome extension called the Securly Classroom Windows Agent. This article will walk you through how to install this agent on student devices using Group Policy Manager (GPO). Alternatively, you can use an MDM such as Microsoft InTune or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM). You can read more about our best practices for Enhanced Windows Support here.

For a walkthrough on how to Install Securly Classroom Windows Agent via Microsoft Intune, click here. 

Part 1: Distribute the main Securly Classroom extension via GPO (if not already deployed via Google Workspace)

Follow this part of the instructions if you have not yet already deployed the Securly Classroom extension via Google Workspace. If the extension is already distributed, skip to Part 2. 

Download the current version of the Google ADMX template from this URL: https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chrome/policy/policy_templates.zip

Once the download is complete, unzip the policy_templates.zip file.


Copy all files located in the Windows\ADMX folder to your clipboard. 


Paste the files into your Active Directory Policy Definition folder.


Create a GPO and navigate to Computer > Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome > Extensions, and edit “Configure the list of force installed apps and extensions”


Add the Securly Classroom extension by clicking Enable and entering the following string:


Part 2: Distribute Securly Classroom Windows Agent via GPO

Download the Securly Agent MSI from this link: https://deviceconsole.securly.com/dist/windows/SecurlyAgent.msi

Create a shared folder on your Windows server to be used as the distribution point for the installation MSI.


Copy the MSI into the shared folder.


Next, we'll create a new GPO for distributing the Securly Classroom Windows Agent.

In the Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings.

Right-click Software installation and choose New > Package

Locate the MSI from the network share path, and click Open.


Select Assigned and click OK


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