How do I get started with email recall for Aware?

The email recall feature for Aware is designed to protect students from being exposed to emails with nudity*, bullying, and violence. Securly copies emails and sends them to its AI engines for scanning. Only emails flagged by the engine are recalled from the user’s inbox.

  1. Before using this feature, create a new email account in the Google Admin Console. This dedicated email account will be used to store recalled emails to review in AWARE thereby adding an extra layer of privacy. It is strongly recommended to use a separate account (e.g. securlyrecall@schooldomain.tld, securlyauditor@schooldomain.tld, or securly@schooldomain.tld) and not an existing admin account. Once the account is created, log into the account at least once to finish activating the account. After the account is created, contact Securly Support to have the new email address set for Email Recall.
  2. Next, you would need to add some additional OAuth scopes to G Suite and configure alerts in AWARE. Refer to this article for the new scopes that should be added
  3. The final step is to go to Account Settings > Quarantine and set up the confidence level for which images, bullying messages, and violent messages should be quarantined. You can also set if the owner can view the quarantined file in their Drive if they should receive notification emails etc.  emailrecall.jpg
  4. Once the setup is complete, Aware will start scanning and recalling emails above the confidence level configured by you. This will remove the email from the receiver’s inbox and the sender’s sent folder as well. You or your faculty group users can view the recalled email in the inbox created in Step 1. 
  5. The images in this email will be quarantined and displayed under the relevant tabs for Nudity, Bullying, and Violence.
  6. Quarantined images will be displayed with a lock icon and you can see the image upon clicking the image. A button to release from quarantine is provided if you believe the image is safe to be viewed by the receiver. 
  7. Once released from quarantine, the recalled email will be restored to the receiver’s inbox and the sender’s sent folder and removed from the school’s quarantined inbox.  

*Note that this feature is available only for Google users at this time. 

**This article does not contain screenshots as images might be NSFW.

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