How do I find which OUs in G Suite are scanned by Auditor?

During the Auditor setup process, you are required to create a new route that allows a copy of the emails to be sent to Auditor engines and scan them for grief, bullying, and violence. This route can be created for specific OUs individually, or inherited by child OUs when set up for the parent OU. 

To understand which OUs in G Suite are scanned by the Auditor, you would basically need to retrace your setup steps. 

  1. Login to your G Suite admin portal at 
  2. Navigate to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced Settings
  3. Select an OU from the left-hand column and scroll down to ‘Routing’.
  4. If you find a route for the Auditor configured there, it means that the OU is being scanned by the Auditor. You can select that OU for 24 monitoring in your Securly portal.  
  5. If no route is configured for the selected OU it means that it is not being scanned by the Auditor. You cannot select that OU for 24 monitoring. 
  6. If you select a parent OU in step 3, it means that the child OUs belonging to that parent OU are also being scanned by the Auditor by inheritance. Unless you have specifically chosen to disable Auditor scanning for a child OU. 


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