Why do I need a dedicated email address for quarantine emails and images?

With student privacy and safety in mind, the quarantine feature has been modified to have a single dedicated email inbox for the district/school that will hold all quarantined files. This will eliminate the chances of nude images being viewed, stored or transferred across the admin's cloud drive, or shown on their Google Drive home screen, and also tighten and restrict who can access them. The quarantine workflow will still be managed entirely in the Aware UI. 

The email address can be added through the Quarantine tab in Account Settings in your Aware Console. Once you set this up, quarantined files for up to a year will be moved to this new inbox. If you do not set this up, the quarantine feature will stop working and files that would have otherwise been quarantined will be flagged but not quarantined. 

Make sure that you use an email address belonging to your registered school domain. Other email domains are not permitted. It is also recommended that the account has enough space to ensure that none of the quarantine emails and files are missed. It is good practice to review and clean out this inbox periodically. 


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