Sending log files for Securly Classroom stand alone Windows MSI

While we're troubleshooting an issue in Securly Classroom on PCs, we sometimes need to see data from the angle of the device. If the Securly Classroom Windows Agent is present on the device you can follow these steps to send us a log file and link it to your support ticket.

  1. On the Windows device, open File Explorer.
  2. Navigate to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Securly > Classroom > LogSender.
  3. Run the LogSender program.
  4. Select the appropriate Start Date and End Date for the occurrence.
  5. Fill out the Additional Information with as much detail as possible, including all the following:
    • Student name
    • Teacher name
    • Class name
    • Timeframe during which the issue occurred
    • Securly Support Ticket # (if applicable)

Click the Send button and wait for the log files to be transferred to Securly.

Note: A ticket will be created in our Support system with your request. Once the Log Report has been reviewed, a Securly support agent will respond via email with feedback.

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