How does the Securly Classroom and Filter integration work?

The Securly Classroom + Filter integration lets teachers using Securly Classroom seamlessly temporarily allow websites during a class session even if the sites are blocked under the student's policy blocklist in Securly Filter.

This feature is configurable in Classroom and can be turned on or off by admins at any time. It is off by default. To enable it, admins can navigate to Securly Classroom > Settings > System > select "Automatically unblock URLs in Filter".

When enabled, this feature automatically temporarily allows (in Securly Filter) sites pushed by teachers (in Securly Classroom) to students in that class, only for the remainder of that class.

Specifically, when a teacher uses the Push URL or Site Lock features in Securly Classroom, the website or collection pushed to students in that class will automatically be allowed for only those students, and only until the Securly Classroom monitoring session ends.

Why is the Classroom-Filter integration important?

  • It can save IT admins A LOT of time. This feature eliminates the need for a  temporary allow review/approval process.
  • It can save teachers instructional time as well by eliminating the need to request temporary access to blocked sites.
    • With this integration, teachers no longer have to use the Website Access Lookup Tool to identify if a site is accessible to students and request student access if required.
  • This is much more restrictive than our existing Temporary Allow feature, which grants access to everyone on that IP address once the site is allowed. This integration ensures that only the students in that monitoring session will gain temporary access. Temporary access is determined by the teacher's needs.
  • It provides PD teams with additional content for in-service days!
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