How to use the website access lookup tool?


The website access lookup tool has been created to allow teachers and staff quick access to identifying if a website is accessible to a student and provide students access if required. Only authorized users can grant access to a blocked website, while others can send a request to school admins to do so.

  1. To use this feature navigate to and click ‘Lookup tool’ in the footer. websiteaccesslookup3.jpg
  2. You can then enter the domain name you need to check the access for. 
  3. Enter an email address for the student or user as well. websiteaccesslookup_new1.jpg
  4. If you need to allow access to the website, you will be displayed either an Allow Access or Request Access button as per your authorization level. 
  5. If you click Request Access, an email will be sent to your school admin with the details of the domain you wish to allow access to. The admin may choose to allow or deny the request. 
  6. If allowed, the website will be allowed for the duration or TTL set by the admin for temporarily allowed sites. admin_flow.00_01_24_22.Still002.png
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