What are the different Wellness Levels in Aware?

A student’s wellness can be gauged by their online activity, and Securly’s AI analyzes both positive and negative student activity to arrive at a wellness level for a student. As such, negative events cause the wellness level to drop, while a lack of harmful activity for a prolonged period cause the wellness level to start improving. 

To help schools reach out to students most in need, the Aware dashboard displays only three wellness levels that indicate the need for intervention in varying degrees. 

Wellness level Interpretation Color indicator
Critical In need of urgent attention; we've seen something indicating an imminent threat Maroon 
High Risk Multiple or very severe flagged activities Red
Concerning Limited flagged behavior in the past 60 days Orange

Sometimes, students who do not fall within any of these categories could suddenly appear in the Critical level due to a single activity that indicates severe concern. For example, if the Aware engine comes across a social media post with words such as “quickest way to die” it pushes the student up the chart. 

At the same time, if a student has multiple activities over a period of time that indicate suicidal thoughts, but nothing urgent/imminent, the scores add up with each event and the student will be seen at the High Risk level. If such activities do not cease or are not addressed, the student can go up to the Critical level. 

Intermittent lower-risk activities over a period of 60 days would usually put a student in the Concerning zone. This would mean that the student needs to be monitored, but is not displaying an immediate threat to self. 

Without proper and timely intervention, students can easily jump up the line and it is recommended that schools utilize the data presented by the Aware dashboard to understand the student behavior and intervene on time. 

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