What are Wellness Levels in Securly Aware?

Each student monitored by Securly Aware is assigned a Wellness Level that represents Aware’s interpretation of that student’s current level of emotional well-being. 

Wellness Levels are broken into four color-coded tiers by their severity.


All students start at “All Clear”, indicating that Aware has not determined they are at risk of bullying, self-harm, or violence.

A student’s wellness level is influenced by their online activity. As a student browses the web, sends emails, makes social media posts, chats, and writes documents, Aware analyzes this activity using our At-Risk AI model. Aware considers numerous factors, including the severity of each flagged activity as well as how often the student’s activity is flagged when it updates the student’s Wellness Level, which it does continuously.

What causes wellness levels to decline?

Activities that indicate that a student is at risk cause their wellness level to decline from All Clear to one of the lower tiers. Once a student is at a wellness level of Concerning, High Risk, or Critical, their wellness level will come back up to All-Clear over time if they stop displaying activity that Aware flags as concerning. 

In some cases, students can quickly move from All-Clear to Critical if even a single activity indicates severe concern. For example, if Aware detects a social media post with a phrase such as “quickest way to die” it will flag that activity and move them to Critical, as that indicates that the student needs immediate intervention.

What do the wellness level tiers mean?

Aside from "All Clear", which indicates that Aware has not flagged any concerning activity from the student, Wellness levels are broken into three categories of severity to help schools understand which students are in the most immediate need of intervention.

Wellness level Description Color
Concerning Some flagged activities have occurred over the past 60 days. Orange
High Risk Multiple or very severe flagged activities have been detected over the past 60 days. Red
Critical The student requires urgent attention. Aware has detected that the student is displaying an immediate threat to themself or others. Maroon

Intermittent lower-risk activities would usually put a student in the Concerning wellness level. This indicates that the student may need intervention, but is not displaying an immediate threat to themself or others.

If a student has multiple activities that are flagged over a period, but nothing that indicates imminent danger, their wellness level will decline with each flagged activity, and the student will be given a High Risk wellness level. If these activities do not cease or are not addressed, the student can fall to the Critical level.

Where can I see a student's wellness level?

Wellness levels appear in a few places, but the Aware dashboard is the easiest place for schools and districts to quickly see a list of all students in any particular wellness level, or the wellness level of any individual student.

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