Securly Filtering Solutions - Comparison Chart

This article presents a comparison of Securly's four filtering methods: Extension, SmartPAC, SmartDNS, and GuestDNS.  If you plan to implement more than one solution, it is recommended that you contact Securly Support.

Extension: Extension-Based Filtering for Chrome and Edge

The Securly extension supports Chrome and Edge on Windows devices, as well as Chromebooks.  It can be deployed from your Google Admin Console, Group Policy, or InTune, depending on the device.  This solution does not require the Securly Certificate to be installed, but it is required if you plan to use DNS filtering on the same network. 

Securly DNS: Selective Proxy Filtering

This is a catch-all filtering solution.  It uses DNS as a selective proxy to intercept traffic. This will work for all devices in the network. DNS filtering will not work with any other vendor’s filtering. "Double Filtering" is not a supported configuration. The certificate is required for user reporting and policy assignment.  To start a trial, click here.

SmartPAC: Global Proxy Filtering

This is a SmartPAC for use on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Chrome devices on and off-site. This is a customized file made just for your school. It is hosted on Securly servers and you will be given a URL for your school's file. SmartPAC filtering will not work with other vendors filtering. "Double Filtering" is not a supported configuration. The certificate is required for user reporting and policy assignment.  To learn more about how SmartPac works, click here.



  Extension SmartPAC SmartDNS GuestDNS
OS Supported (Managed Devices) ChromeOS
All Device Types All Device Types
Browsers Supported Chrome
All Browsers* All Browsers* All Browsers*
Google Chat Scanning X X X
User Authentication X
Off-Campus Filtering X X
Requires Certificate X X
Think Twice (Securly Aware) X X X
Wellness Widget (Securly Aware) X X X
Full Logging Capabilities X X X
YouTube Controls X X X
Uncategorized Site Blocking X X


Device compatibility:

  1. Extension: Chromebook, PC, and Mac (Chrome).
  2. SmartPAC: PC, iPad, and Mac.
  3. SmartDNS: All device types.
  4. GuestDNS: All device types.

Browser compatibility:

  1. Extension: Chrome, Edge
  2. SmartPAC: All browsers*
  3. SmartDNS: All browsers*
  4. GuestDNS: All browsers*

*Please note that all browsers does NOT include browsers with built-in VPNs that can be used to circumvent the filter.

Key features and their availability:

  1. Google Chat Scanning: Available only for Extension.
  2. User Authentication: Supported by Extension, SmartPAC, and SmartDNS, but not by GuestDNS.
  3. Off-Campus Filtering: Offered by Extension and SmartPAC, but not by SmartDNS or GuestDNS.
  4. Decryption (Requires Certificate): Supported by SmartPAC and SmartDNS, but not by Extension or GuestDNS.
  5. Think Twice (Securly Aware): Exclusive to Extension.
  6. Wellness Widget (Securly Aware): Available only for Extension.
  7. Full Logging Capabilities: Exclusive to Extension.
  8. YouTube Controls: Available only for Extension.
  9. Uncategorized Site Blocking: Both Securly Extension and SmartPac
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