Managing your Infinite Campus SIS Integration with OneRoster 1.1 and OAuth2


OneRoster 1.1 is a data exchange standard designed specifically for the education sector. It enables schools to securely share data between their SIS and other educational applications, such the Securly Reveal product. OneRoster 1.1 defines a standard set of data elements that can be used to exchange information about students, classes, and enrollments.

OAuth2 is a newer version of the OAuth protocol that simplifies the authentication process by using access tokens instead of tokens and secrets. It also provides more granular control over the types of data that can be accessed by 3rd party applications. OAuth2 supports multiple authentication methods, including username and password, authorization code, and client credentials.

It is important to note that OAuth1 will no longer be supported as of June 30, 2023. Therefore, it is a requirement for all schools to migrate to OneRoster 1.1 and OAuth2 in order to continue to successfully share data.

For Securly Reveal customers, this article is intended to help with the transition from using OneRoster 1.1 and OAuth1 to OneRoster 1.1 and OAuth2. All Reveal customers will need to migrate to this integration method in 2023 to ensure the continued secure sharing of data between the Infinite Campus SIS and the Securly Reveal solution. 

Getting Setup 

Dyknow’s Import Manager tool allows Dyknow Administrators to easily import data from the Infinite Campus SIS into Dyknow solutions. These products include both Dyknow Classroom and Securly Reveal.  

Note: Infinite Campus uses the “primary” field to identify the Primary Teacher of a Class. When multiple Teachers are listed for a class, all will be assigned to the class and displayed in alphabetical order. 

Generating Infinite Campus SIS Integration Credentials 

Follow the steps below to generate your Infinite Campus SIS integration credentials.

  1. Please review documentation provided by Infinite Campus that details how to setup a OneRoster Connection with partners. As of March 2023, documentation maintained by Infinite Campus could be found HERE
  2. Log in to your Infinite Campus system as an Administrator.
  3. Click Add Application, then scroll to the bottom and click Connect to Other Applications.
  4. Enter either Dyknow Classroom or Securly Reveal as the Application Name. The image displayed in the vendor is the first letter of the entered name.
  5. Generate credentials and prepare to enter them into the Dyknow/Securly system

Entering Infinite Campus OneRoster 1.1 and OAuth2 Integration Credentials 

Follow the steps below to enter your relevant Infinite Campus integration credentials for either Dyknow Classroom or Securly Reveal.

1. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon_2.PNG; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Import Manager tab.

3. Click Setup.

4. Locate the Setup Integration section.


5. Enter your Infinite Campus API Host URL into the Token URL field.

6. Enter your Infinite Campus Consumer Key into the Key field.

7. Enter your Infinite Campus Consumer Secret into the Secret field.

8. Click to Select Types of Student Devices from the Student Devices field; review the options below:

  • Only Chromebooks (No Windows and/or Mac devices used)
  • No Chromebooks (Only Windows and/or Mac devices used)
  • Mix of Chromebooks and non-Chromebooks

9. Click Continue: Process Import.


Next, select the Settings option to update your new Infinite Campus import settings.


1. Be sure Infinite Campus is selected in the SIS dropdown.  

2. Select OneRoster API 1.1 (OAuth2) in the Import Method dropdown menu. 

3. Review the options in the Import Frequency most cases the "daily" option is selected. Take a moment to enter an email address for import emails. 

4. Review the options available in the Rollover dropdown menu 


Sync Infinite Campus Data in Reveal 

Follow the steps below to sync your Infinite Campus data in Securly Reveal.

1. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon_2.PNG; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Import Manager tab.

3. Click Import.

4. Click Process Import.

5. You will receive an Import Results confirmation email once your import is complete.

The results email will look similar to the one below


Note: If your data files include errors and any changes that exceed Import Thresholds, you will receive a Check Your Data email in addition to the Import Results confirmation email. To review and validate your data file import errors/changes, read the Validate Paused SIS Imports article.


Disabling your Infinite Campus Integration 

Please contact Securly Support to fully disable your Infinite Campus integration.

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