How does the IT admin change control levels for parents?


As the school IT admin, you have complete control over the level of access that can be granted to parents when using parent settings for their child. You can choose between the four control levels and change them as your school policies or requirements change.

However, before changing control levels we recommend that you consider the impact of such change for your school’s parents. For example, a parent may have created an allow list for his child when you had given him ‘Restricted’ control level. Changing that control to ‘No Control’ level would remove the allow list and the parent UI would also appear empty. This can be a reason for concern and dissatisfaction among parents. We, therefore, recommend that you consider the changes carefully and convey the same to your school’s parents to avoid being flooded with questions from confused and/or irate parents.

The four control levels are:
1. No Control
2. Restricted Control
3. Full Control
4. Custom Control

To change control levels:
1. Login to your Admin UI and navigate to Parents > Settings
2. You will see four options. The existing control level will appear highlighted.


3. To change the control level, select the box that best suits your needs.
4. A pop-up will be launched. Select both the checkboxes in the pop-up and click ‘Yes, I understand’ to apply the control level for your school’s parents.


5. a) If you select ‘Custom’ you would be directed to a new page where you can customize the parent settings and lock any of the settings and categories.
b) Click the lock icon to either lock or unlock individual categories and settings.


c) Click ‘Save’ to save the policy.

The changed control level will be applied to the parent and modified settings displayed to him when he logs in to the parent portal.

If you change to ‘No Control’ the parent will not be displayed the ‘Settings’ tab in his parent portal UI.


Note: All control levels (except No Control) become available to the parent only after he clicks ‘Manage my settings’ upon logging in to the Parent Portal. If the parent does not click ‘Manage my settings’ he would not be able to manage his child’s settings.

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