How to install Aware for Gmail via TLS

Securly supports TLS for schools that want greater security when scanning their Gmail using Aware. This includes changing some settings and configuring an additional route in your Google Admin Console. Creating a new route would route all emails sent or received by students in an OU to Aware’s monitoring servers. All these emails will be scanned using Sentiment Analysis.

Note that TLS support is only for Gmail and not Outlook Exchange. 


  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console.
  2. From the left sidebar navigate to Apps > Google workspace > Gmail                                                               Awaresetupnew.jpg                                                                                         
  3. The ‘Settings for Gmail’ page will be displayed. Click ‘Hosts’. Awaresetupnew1.jpg
  4. Now click ‘ADD ROUTE’.                                                Awaresetupnew2.jpg
  5. Give an appropriate name to the route. E.g., Aware-SMTP.
  6. Add email servers as per your regional cluster and type in 25 after the colon (:)

7. Make sure that you - a) un-check the "Perform MX Lookup on hosts" option, b) check the "Require mail to be transmitted via a secure (TLS) connection” option, and c) un-check “Require CA signed certificate (Recommended)”.

8. Now, go back to the ‘Settings for Gmail’ page and scroll down to ‘Routing’ and click ‘Configure’. Awaresetupnew9.jpg

9. If you already have some routing configured, you will get an ‘Add another rule’ button. Awaresetupnew10.jpg

10. Give the route a name and select all the checkboxes under ‘Messages to affect’. Awaresetupnew4.jpg

11. Scroll down further and check ‘Add more recipients’ under ‘Also delivered to’ and click ‘Add’. Awaresetupnew5.jpg

Note that sometimes the route is not added. Please check this article on how to resolve if your route cannot be saved.

12. Select ‘Advanced’ from the dropdown and check the ‘Change route’ checkbox. Under it, select the route you previously created from the drop-down instead of the ‘Normal route’. 

13. Scroll down and uncheck the ‘Do not deliver spam to this recipient’ checkbox under ‘Spam and delivery options’ and the ‘Remove attachments from messages’ checkbox under ‘Attachments’. Click ‘Save’.

Awaresetupnew8.jpg Awaresetupnew7.jpg

14. Click ‘Save’ again to finally save the route to the OU.

15. To set up routing for the other OUs, follow the same process. 

By following the setup guidelines above, you should be able to begin using Aware to scan emails for your school immediately.

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