How does the Set Exception Window work?

The ‘Set Exception Window’ setting allows you to apply in-school policies to your students for specified time periods even when they are off-campus. 

If you have the Take-home policy or if parents have the Parent Policy set up, then the student will be filtered as per those policies when they are off-campus. But if you want them to get an in-school policy instead, then you should enable the Set Exception Window field in Global Settings. This is particularly useful at a time when schools are yet to open full-time offline, and students are in class online from home.


You can select the days and times when the exception window should apply. This means that for the selected days and times, the student will get in-school policy even if parent policy or take-home policy is present. For days and time slots not specified here, the parent policy or take-home policy will apply if the student is off-campus.

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