Does Securly comply with GDPR?

While we have ensured that we comply with the basic GDPR requirements, we are further evaluating other efforts and measures required. As the student safety company, we recognize the sensitivity of personal data and are committed to protecting it.    

  1. All EU customers have the option of designating Europe as the region for their instance of Securly and the location for the underlying personal data ("Customer Data"). If you do so, you will be provisioned by us within the Ireland Region, and your Customer Data will reside in the EEA.
  2. Customers have the option to access, delete, or remove their Customer Data by sending a support ticket. Securly will [return/delete] the Customer Data at the end of the Agreement.
  3. All communication to and from Securly servers over the network is over encrypted HTTPS protocol. The data repository is not accessible via public IP addresses and ports. Data can be accessed only by authenticated Securly servers.

If you have any questions about out GDPR compliance, please contact us at

To learn more about GDPR, click here.

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