Introduction to Approvals

This feature aims to streamline the process of managing app approvals, which are becoming increasingly necessary as part of state laws related to student data privacy. An example of this is the Colorado Student Data Transparency and Security Act.

To use this feature head to the Subscription Management tab and use the Tag dropdown to show which subscriptions are at various stages of approval.


You can add or update an approval by clicking the thumbs-up icon for a given subscription, or create a new one by clicking Add Approval. There are drop-downs for the status (Pending, Approved, Not-Approved) and for the Service Relationship (Contract - where there is a formal agreement with the provider, On-Demand - where there is no formal agreement). You can provide links to the application's public-facing contract and data privacy agreement. The data shared box should be used to log what is shared with the provider, such as email, student names, grade level etc.


Head to Admin > Reveal Settings to generate a publicly accessible link which provides the approval status for all applications within the system.



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