How do I install Securly SSL certificate on Android device?

You will need to install the Securly SSL certificate on your device to ensure that Securly is able to filter all HTTPS sites browsed there effectively. The installation steps might differ depending upon the manufacturer and OS of your device. This article provides a couple of different ways in which you install the Securly SSL certificate.

Pixel and OnePlus device

  1. Download the Securly SSL certificate file securly_ca_2034.crt on your Android device. 
  2. Now navigate to Network and internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences and tap Advanced to get the "Install certificates" option.  
  3. Select the file you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. On the "Name the certificate" screen gives the certificate a name and press the OK button. 
  5. You can verify that the certificate is installed by going to Settings->Security->Trusted Credentials->User

Samsung M32 version 11

  1. Download the certificate.
  2. Tap Settings –> Biometrics and Security –> Other Security Settings
  3. Tap on Install Device Storage
  4. Tap on CA Certificate
  5. Tap Install Anyway
  6. Tap Download
  7. Tap Securly

Note to automatically install the certificate your Android device will need to have a PIN set. To set your PIN go to Settings->Security->Screen Lock

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