Securly SSL certificate manual install in Mac OS X


Issue: You need to install the Securly SSL certificate in Mac OS X

Solution: Navigate, in Finder, to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.

Double-click to open Keychain Access.

Select the “System” keychain.

To install the Securly SSL certificate

  1. Open File>Import Items
  2. Navigate to the location that you saved the Securly SSL certificate file to (you can download the file below)
  3. Import the "securly_SHA-256.crt" file into the “System” keychain
  4. Verify the SSL certificates: Issued To "*" is installed.
  5. Double click on the certificate, you will see "Trust"
  6. Click on the right triangle so that it drops down the trust area
  7. Please verify it says "Always Trust" for all items


Alternatively, attached is an .app that will do the above for you.

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