What’s New in Classroom 9.2 - September 2023

Combine Classes

Securly Classroom now allows teachers to create combined classes from the rosters of two or more existing classes. This allows teachers to easily teach combinations of multiple classes (those with students in two or more different classes as rostered by the SIS). Combined classes will be accessible to all teachers associated with the combined classes. Teachers also have an option to automatically create student groups within the combined class based on the source classes.

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Site Lock to Collection Allows Shared Collections

In the “Site Lock to Collection” option when configuring a scheduled class or prior to starting a class, teachers can now choose from collections shared by other users, just like they can when using the feature during a class session.

Thanks to Carrie at Caesar Rodney SD for the feature suggestion!

Navigate between students in Detail View

When viewing individual student screens in detail view, teachers can now move to the next or previous student by using the new right and left navigation arrows at the sides of the screen.

Improved Class Session Summary Email

The class session summary email that is sent to teachers after each class has been updated to be more compact and include information on additional feature usage such as Live Connect sessions, teacher and student screen share sessions, and more. Teachers can still opt-in or out of the class summary email from their “My Account” menu.


  • The chat window on student devices will now automatically open every time a teacher sends a message rather than just “glowing” and requiring the student to click it to open.
  • Class sizes are now limited to 150 students per class. Classes with more than 150 students can be created and edited, but cannot be run.
  • Scheduled classes that drop to zero students or teachers on the roster will no longer run at the scheduled time.

Bug Fixes

  • Using Site Lock for Canvas assignments now works properly on Chromebooks.
  • Students joining a class after a teacher sends an announcement will now properly receive that announcement.
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