How can a teacher change a student's schedule for flex?

A teacher cannot directly change a student’s schedule from a student screen.  However, a teacher CAN add a student to their activity, if the student is “available”, which effectively changes the student’s schedule.  (Admins can simulate teachers and students to register and add “available” students to activities.) 

Key Point:  A student must be “available” to add them to your activity.  A student is “available” if they are not already scheduled in an equal or higher priority level activity.  Continue reading below for ways to add students.

Before Cutoff Time

A teacher can add a student to a mandatory activity (Priority or Required) from the Activity screen shown below.  This can be done by adding the student(s) to the activity in the “Additional Students” section.  

A teacher can also “Plus Add” a student to their activity by utilizing the blue and white plus button which is available on each scheduled activity on the My Schedule screen.  Below is a sample. (When a student is plus added to an activity, the activity will be at the blue “Plus Add” priority level for those students, rather than the original priority level of the scheduled activity.)

Additionally, the Plus Add button is available on the Student Attendance screen for each activity, as shown in the sample below.

After Cutoff Time

Plus adding a student is the only way to add a student to your activity after the cutoff time.  (Given the student is available.)  A student would not be available if they are in a higher priority activity, or another teacher has already Plus Added that student, as Plus Add is a first come, first serve priority level. 

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