Why are my pass limits not working?

Your pass limits are, in all likelihood, working.  When student pass limits are set for specific students, those limits only apply to student-created passes, and include auto passes and Kiosk passes.  If teachers create passes for any of these students with limits, those teacher-created passes do not count against the student’s pass limit.


Students who have a limited number of passes for the day will see how many passes they have remaining for the day when they create a pass.


When students reach their pass limits, students will get the following message and will not be able to create passes.  If they still need to go to a location, they will need to ask their teacher to create a pass (Teacher-created Pass) for them.

When teachers create passes for students who have limits, they will get a message as to how many remaining passes the student has or if the student is out of passes.


Student with passes remaining. Student with zero (0) passes remaining.


For more information about Student Pass Limits - from your Pass interface, click on Training > Documents > Administrator Guide and scroll down to “Pass Limit/Blocking”.

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