Policy Editing for Faculty Groups

Staff members assigned to Faculty Groups can now edit policies that affect OUs or Security Groups assigned to them. This allows Filter admins to delegate the task of policy management to teachers or other staff members and free up time in their busy schedules.

You can enable this feature when creating a new group by checking the Allow policy editing checkbox in the sidebar. To enable this for an existing group, edit the group and click on the Configuration tab and check the Allow policy editing checkbox there.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Faculty groups with policy editing permissions enabled will show a settings icon next to their name in the Faculty groups tab.


Staff members in groups with policy editing permissions enabled will see the Policy Editor menu when they log in. From this menu, they will be able to edit any policies that apply to the OUs they are assigned to. Staff members will only see Custom Policies, never the Default Policy, Take Home, or Global Settings.


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