How do I add the parent-student mapping manually?

Securly Filter allows you to set up parent-student mapping using a variety of methods:

  1. CSV web upload 
  2. CSV FTP upload
  3. Manual updates to individual parent entries

For manual entries, 

  1. Log in to Securly Filter and navigate to Parents. 
  2. Under the Manage Parents tab, click Add parent. addparent1.jpg
  3. Enter the parent's email address and the corresponding student's email address. Parent first name and last name are not mandatory fields, but it is recommended that you provide those as well.
  4. When you enter the student's email address, the student's first name and last name will be auto-populated. 
  5. Click Add parent to complete the action. The newly added parent will be displayed in the Parent Information table. 
  6. You can edit individual parent details by clicking the parent name. Note that you cannot edit parent email address or student email address.

If you need to upload a CSV with multiple parent information, it is critical that you first download the CSV, update it and then upload it to ensure that the manual entries are not overwritten by the new CSV upload. 

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