Live Connect Beta FAQ

What is Live Connect?

Live Connect is a new feature for Securly Classroom that allows teachers to initiate 1-on-1 video calls with students. Teachers can already use the Chat feature in Securly Classroom to have text conversations with students, but when teachers need to provide more specific instruction to remote students, Live Connect offers them a way to do that quickly and easily without needing to rely on third-party meeting apps.

How do I use Live Connect?

If your school or district has enabled the Live Connect beta, you will see the Live Connect button in the Chat interface. For more on Chat, see this article.

Clicking the Live Connect button will allow you to start a Live Connect session with a student.


Before going into the Live Connect session, you have the opportunity to set up your webcam and microphone. Select the audio and video devices you wish to use under Choose your devices.


While in a Live Connect session, you'll see the following options:


  1. The Live Connect video call controls work just as you'd expect them to if you've used Zoom, Google Meet, or other web conferencing software. You can mute and unmute, turn your camera on or off, and share your screen. You can also make the call window fullscreen or change your settings.
  2. This icon allows you to hide or show the chat sidebar. You can continue to chat with any student while in a Live Connect session.
  3. This close button will close the Chat window and also end the Live Connect session.


Q: Can I run more than one Live Connect session at a time and switch between them?

A: Live Connect only supports a single session per class session at this time.


Q: Can more than one teacher participate in a Live Connect session with a student?

A: No, Live Connect is only for 1:1 use.


Q: Can Live Connect be used for group meetings?

A: No, Live Connect is only for 1:1 use.


Q: Can I record a Live Connect session?

A: No. We are exploring recording capabilities for Live Connect, but it is not part of the feature currently.


Q: Does the Live Connect session show up in class history?

A: Live Connect session history is saved in two places: Class Session History, and Student History.


In these places, you’ll be able to see when Live Connect sessions started, ended, and how long they lasted.


Q: Can students initiate a request to connect with a teacher?

A: No, only the teacher can start a Live Connect session, but the student can chat with the teacher and ask the teacher to connect.

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