Release notes - Sept 2022

Flagged activities moving to Aware

The Filter and Aware product consoles are have been separated such that the Filter UI will display all filtering activity and controls, while the Aware UI will display all flagged activities and relevant controls. If you are intered in being an early adopter, please contact our support engineer. 

To learn more about this move, check out the FAQs.  

GChat scanning support 

With this feature, we are expanding the scope of our Aware scanning to Google Chat messages. Similar to how we scan activity for bullying, self-harm, grief, and violence for emails, Docs, and Drive, we will now scan activity for GChat. The alert notifications for GChat can be enabled from Account Settings, similar to other Gmail, GDocs, etc. Email alerts can be configured to be sent to Faculty Group members the same way as other alerts are from the Settings tab of individual Faculty Groups. This feature is available only for Securly Extension users. 

Think Twice

Think Twice is a new tool that will allow you to preempt bullying by students through any comments, posts, etc. on many of the websites they visit, including social networking sites or social media platforms. You can sign up for the Beta program for Think Twice by contacting our support engineer. Learn more about how to use it

Wellness Widget

The Wellness Widget is a tool that helps admins direct their users to mental health assistance based on their wellness scores. The Aware AI displays the Wellness Widget when a user’s wellness level changes negatively. Once the user interacts with the widget, it is not shown to them again unless the user’s wellness level changes. Be an early adopter by signing up for our Beta program. Click here to learn more about the widget. 

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