How does Think Twice work?

Think Twice is a new tool that allows you to preemptively discourage cyberbullying in comments and posts on many commonly visited websites, including many social media platforms. Whenever a student types a message that could be hurtful, they will be shown a message asking them to "think twice", and reconsider their words.

This prompt does not stop any messages or comments from being sent or posted. It's up to the student to take action and reconsider their words, or not send the message.  

Think Twice can be enabled from your Account settings page in Aware, where a Think Twice tab will be displayed when you opt-in to the feature. The toggle on this page will enable or disable the feature for all students. 


This is what a message from Think Twice looks like from the student's perspective when they type something potentially hurtful. thinktwice3.png

*Note that this feature is available only for Securly Extension users.

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