How to enable Google Chat scanning

  1. Go to Google Admin ( then go to Security > API Controls > MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATIONchat3.png


  2. Click on ‘Add New’.

    1. In the ClientId field put 110057229652346400372

    2. In the OAuth Scopes add the following strings.,,,

    3. Finally, click on Authorizechat2.png

  3. Check GChat/Hangout History Permissions

    1. Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Google Chat and classic Hangouts > History for Chats

    2. Turn on History, if it is not turned on

    3. Uncheck "Allow users to change their history settings"chat1.png

  4. If it is off, you can turn on the Google Chat feature by going to Settings for Google Chat and classic Hangouts > Service Settings. there preferably select Chat Only. If Chat Only is not desirable, at-least select Chat

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