Subscription Management and Applications



The Budget ROI Report is powered by Applications and Subscriptions. Subscription data is added by school administrators based on their investments.  


  • Current: Subscriptions that are past the activation date and before their expiration date

  • Expired: Subscriptions that have their end date in the past.

  • Search: Enter three or more characters to search your existing subscriptions.Screenshot_2023-02-10_at_9.52.16_AM.png

Subscription Management

Subscription Details

Click the dropdown icon on the left to inspect Total Assigned Licenses and Assigned Licenses by school. 


Add Subscription

  1. Click the Add Subscription button to add a new subscription.

  2. Notice the form has two tabs. Subscription details must be added before Assignments can be made. 

    1. Application

    2. License Type 

    3. License Count

    4. Cost per License

    5. Non-recurring Costs (optional)

    6. Activation Date

    7. Expiration Date

    8. Budget (optional)

  3. Fill in the details, then click Assignments to associate a number of licenses to a school.


Edit Subscription

Click the pencil icon (image-20220810-141452.png) to edit an existing subscription. Details and license assignments can be adjusted.


Delete Subscription
If you wish to remove your subscription, click the red trash can (image-20220810-141431.png) to remove it from your account.



The list of applications has been curated by the Securly team to ensure consistency and validity. We encourage you to request new applications if you cannot find the application you’re looking for. 


Search Application

To find your application in the list, begin typing the name and the list should auto-complete.  

Request Application

If you do not find your application in the list, please click the Add Application button. 


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