Release notes - July 2022

Complete transition to Nucleus UI

The final steps in the transition to Nucleus UI have been completed in this package with the removal of the option to switch between Nucleus and legacy UI via the banner in the Safety Console. The dropdown menu connection has also been removed and users will no longer see the Legacy Interaction option there.

Security Groups for Chromebooks

Support for Security Groups for Chromebooks has been added for schools using Azure to log in to Chromebooks. This will mean that schools will be able to log in using Azure, get Security Groups, and assign different policies to different groups. Without this, they only get the default policy.

Bug fixes

- It was reported that when admins added an embed link/URL for a YouTube video in the video Allow/Block list, the restrictions were not respected for that embed link. However, if the regular link for the same video was added, the allow/block restrictions worked as expected. This issue has been fixed and admins can add both normal or embed links for YouTube videos to the allow/block lists.

- It was found that URLs with trailing slashes were being added to both Allow and Block lists at the same time without any validation or error messages. This has been fixed.

- An issue with school contact CSV imports that was caused by missing fields in the CSV file format has been fixed. A warning message has also been added to the UI that would inform users that data will be overwritten when a new CSV is uploaded.

- Some users were facing problems accessing "mission santa clara de asis" page on Wikipedia. This has been fixed.



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