Acceptable Use Policy Information

Ensure your Acceptable or Responsible Use Policy (AUP / RUP) is updated to include language that accounts for school-owned software being used by teachers and students on personal devices.

As a best practice, Dyknow recommends frequent and transparent communication with parents/guardians and students on your school's goals for technology integration. Parents/Guardians and students benefit from a shared understanding of the decisions your school has made to differentiate instruction and prepare students to be citizens of the world.

Below is a sample piece of communication intended to be shared with parents/guardians and/or students. Feel free to re-purpose and make it your own!

Also, check out our Sample Parent Communication.



"[Our School] provides classroom management software (Dyknow) to aid teachers in regulating students’ internet/application usage in the classroom.

Appropriate and responsible educational uses of [Our School]’s resources include:

  • The use of [Our School] owned software, hardware, and Internet for scholastic endeavor.
  • No third-party software, which is designed to bypass content or application filtering services, testing software, or classroom management software, may be installed on devices used at [Our School]. These programs may interfere with the students’ ability to fully participate in class activities and may break functionality with school technology resources.

Students are prohibited from:

  • Installing additional operating systems or virtualization software (Parallels, VMware, etc.).
  • Attempting to bypass restrictions set by the classroom teacher or school (i.e. students must show up in Dyknow monitor at all times; students must be connected to the school network at all times using their assigned username and password).
  • Attempting to impair or bypass network security, including but not limited to the storage, transfer or use of software for hacking, eavesdropping, or network administration/monitoring."
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