How to force end a monitoring session?

The End this Class feature enables:

  • Dyknow Administrators to end an active monitoring session for any Class within their district; and,
  • Dyknow Tech Coaches to end an active monitoring session for any Class at their assigned school(s).

The End this Class feature is most commonly used a Dyknow Teacher forgets to click the End Monitoring button themselves when Class has ended.

Note: To help avoid the need to force-end monitoring sessions, Dyknow Administrators can:

  • Encourage Dyknow Teachers to always to click the End Monitoring button when their classes end; and,
  • Establish Blackout Settings that ensure students won't be monitored (and potentially still blocked) after school if their Dyknow Teacher forgets to End Monitoring for the last Class of the day.



Follow the steps below to end a monitoring session as a Dyknow Tech Coach or Administrator using the End this Class feature.

1. Login to Dyknow as an Administrator (or Tech Coach).
2. Click the gear icon gear_icon.PNG; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.
3. Click the Classes tab.
4. Search for the Class that needs to be ended.
5. Click the associated End This Class hyperlink.



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