How can tech coaches and administrators use class history?

Dyknow Tech Coaches and Administrators can access Class History data in Dyknow to see and compare how students spend their class time. Dyknow's Class History feature enables Dyknow Tech Coaches and Administrators to:

  • Review monitored student device activity from the beginning of school;
  • Track the number of distractions defeated with Dyknow throughout the year;
  • Learn more about students; and,
  • Share the data with students and/or parents.

Student device activity is automatically being collected during monitoring sessions – it begins as soon as a Dyknow Teacher clicks the Start Monitoring button and stops when he/she clicks the End Monitoring button.

This data is also stored - and organized by student - in Student History.



1. Login to Dyknow and navigate to your My Classes page.

2. Click the gear icon gear_icon__1_.PNG; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

3. Click the Classes tab.

4. Search for the desired class.

5. Select the purple pie chart icon associated with the desired class; you will be redirected to the Class History page.


6. Edit the Class History data set, if needed:

  • By student
    • To view Class History data for an individual student within a Class, click the Students menu and select the name of that student.
    • To see which students viewed a particular website or application, click the associated blue people icon people_icon.PNG; the resulting list of student names is also hyperlinked! If you click an individual student's name, you will immediately see their personal Class History data.
  • By date (range)
    • To view Class History data for a specific date (range), click the Date menu and either select one of the pre-set date range options, or set your own Custom Range.
    • To select only one day, just double click that date!
  • By activity (type)
    • To view Class History data for a specific website or application, click the Activity menu and select the desired website URL or application name.
    • To view Class History data for a specific activity type, click the Activity menu and select either All Websites or All Applications.
    • To view Class History data for allowed activity, click the Allowed button.
    • To view Class History data for blocked activity, click the Blocked button.

7. Click the Print button to either:

  • Option 1: Save as a PDF
    • Save this particular data set so you can share it with others (e.g. via email) or print it out later
  • Option 2: Print this particular data set
    • Print out this particular data set so you can physically share it with others
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