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Tech Coach training

Dyknow's Tech Coach role is the perfect set of permissions for a campus-based tech leader. The goals of the Tech Coach role are to:

  • Provision access to users who previously had none
  • Support and grow teachers' usage of Dyknow
  • Perform basic product troubleshooting

The Tech Coach role and assigned schools are set by your Dyknow Administrator(s). If you think this role is for you, reach out to your Dyknow Administrator to request access.


Click below to view a 5 minute training video on these Dyknow features:

  • Create and edit classes
  • Create and edit users
  • Access Class Analytics
  • Access Student Analytics


How are other Dyknow schools assigning the Tech Coach role?

Some examples of faculty and staff who use the Tech Coach role:

  • District Instructional Technologists, eLearning Coaches
  • Media Specialists, Librarians
  • Instructional Technologist who also teach part or full time
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Principals, Assistant Principals
  • Deans, Headmasters
  • Campus counselors
  • Campus secretaries

For more information, check out our onboarding documentation:

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