How to configure your Brother label printer with an iPad?

With Securly Visitor guests to your campus can easily check-in and print their guest badge via the Visitor iPad app. You can also set it up so that front desk staff can print badges for guests via the Visitor console/web app
To configure the Brother printer for iPad, follow these steps :
  1. Login to the Visitor app. You will be presented with a “Setup Printer” screen. Click on the “Add Label Printer” button. 
  2. It opens up a list of available printers. Note that only AirPrint-enabled printers will be shown in the list.
  3. Select the badge printer from Brother, Name - QL-820NWB
Your Brother printer is now set up.
If needed, you can also access the FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide provided by Brother, Inc. 
Once you have set it up you can go to Admin Settings to make any changes to the printer settings. To do that, from the Welcome Screen, you can double-tap with double fingers to open the Admin Settings. From Admin Settings, you can either Test Printer, Remove the Printer, enable Print Preview or change the selected printer.
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