What's new in Classroom 8.3

Securly Classroom 8.3 brings several new features for teachers and admins alike. These features are available in the new Classroom UI - Nucleus, not in the classic UI. Here's a rundown of what's new!

Single Sign-On with other Securly Products

Users will now be able to log in with our new SSO system for Securly products.  When logging in with this new system, users will be able to switch to other Securly products, such as Filter or Visitor without having to log in to each system independently.



Verified Email Logins
With the release of 8.3, users will no longer be able to skip email verification when logging in with a non-verified account using an ID and password rather than a third-party authentication method such as Google.  Please choose the Verify option to verify the account, or log in using an SSO option.



Audit Logging 

An audit log is now available to track changes made in the Settings and Users areas.  The Audit Log is available from the Settings menu.



Sort Students by First or Last Name

When selecting students for a class and during a class session, there’s now an option to sort the student list by first name or last name.



Select All/None Option on Student Selection

When starting a class, an option is now available when selecting students to select all or none.



Class Nickname

When syncing courses from your SIS, there are cases when classes may be created with long or confusing names that make it difficult to spot the courses at a glance when using Securly Classroom.

With class nicknames, you can provide an alternate name for any class on the Class Details page. This applies to all class types other than Manual classes, since they can have their name edited directly.
Edit the nickname on the class details page.


The nickname will appear on class cards and in other places that list the class name.



Emoji Support in Chat

Students and teachers can now use emojis in chat.  They are accessed by clicking the smiley face icon in the message entry box.



Student Screen Share

Teachers can now showcase student work by sharing a snapshot of a student screen with the rest of the class.  To access screen share, the teacher can click the new Screen Share button at the bottom of the student detail view.


The student will be prompted to accept the screen share request. Once accepted, their screen will be shared with the entire class. The snapshot will update every 4 to 8 seconds for as long as the screen share is running. The screen share will continue until the teacher leaves the detail view or stops the screen share with the Stop button.


Show or Hide Main Menu

It’s now possible to show or hide the main menu during a class session. Hiding the menu can sometimes make room for an additional column of student cards. To toggle the menu, use the new menu icon to the left of the class name during a session.




  • For Chromebook Lost Mode, devices were no longer appearing on the Lost Device Recovery tab immediately after being put into Lost Mode, but were only appearing after they connected back to the system for the first time after being marked as lost and loading the Lost Mode kiosk app.
  • When adding a predefined web link it was not possible to edit the list of dependencies
  • Tooltips were added for some teacher functions where they were missing
  • Location Admins were seeing all classes, not just those for their locations
  • When creating a class, the location will automatically be selected if there is only one location defined
  • Detail view would display an old screen image briefly while waiting for the current one to be retrieved
  • Some inconsistencies in the chat interface for teachers was fixed
  • Sometimes duplicating a block list would cause an error
  • Sometimes permissions setting changes were not getting saved
  • Sort order for Google coursework was not working properly
  • Users were able to remove all columns from the Rostered Students table


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