How to use grid view and big view to view student devices?

Dyknow's monitoring feature enables Dyknow teachers to view student device activity for assigned Classes. During an active monitoring session, a Dyknow teacher can

  • View a thumbnail image of each student device in grid view.
  • View an image of an individual student device in big view.


During an active monitoring session, thumbnails display an image of each student device, along with the name of the student and an icon for the device type they're using, to the Dyknow teacher in grid view.


Student device thumbnails automatically refresh. Thumbnails can also be refreshed manually by clicking the purple refresh icon.

Dyknow teachers can use grid view to:

Note: If multiple icons appear for one student's device thumbnail, the student is either logged onto multiple devices or another student is also logged onto their device with the same credentials.



Big view enables Dyknow teachers to get a closer look at a student's device during a monitoring session.

To access the big view, hover your mouse over the desired student device thumbnail (while in grid view), and click the blue expand button.


Student device thumbnails automatically refresh in big view. Thumbnails can also be refreshed manually by clicking the purple refresh icon.

Dyknow teachers can use big view to:

  • Review student progress on a given task
  • Identify a student's Current Activity
  • Take a screenshot of a student's work
  • Identify the Blocking Plan enforced, if any
  • Block Activity
  • Remove the student from the enforced Blocking Plan
  • Switch the student to the other Group in an enforced Segmented Blocking Plan
  • Send a Message
  • Show one student's screen to the rest of the class using a projector, SMART/Promethean board, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.
  • View all Active and Background website tabs open (only on a student Chromebook device)
  • Select the Active website tab of those open (only on a student Chromebook device)
  • Close off-task website tabs (only on a student Chromebook device)
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